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Slovinky-Gelnica Polymetallic Project

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The Slovinky-Gelnica Project lies in the Spis-Gemer Ore Mountains (the Ore Mountains), which host a number of highly mineralized belts characterized by multiple polymetallic veins. The Project is 51 square kilometres in area and is located approximately 400 kilometres east of the capital city of Bratislava (Figure 1). As of June 30, 2018, the Project consists of one permit, the Gelnica Investigation Permit (Figure 2).

There are approximately 35 separate mineralized veins related to two major structures crossing the Project (Figure 3). All known prospects are contained within Paleozoic mylonitized and silicified metasediments and metavolcanics. These assemblages host all of the exploited and exploitable copper, silver and iron deposits within the Project and surrounding area. The veins, primarily quartz-siderite (Figure 4) and quartz (Figure 5) in composition, are bimodal in age. Both vein types contain sulphides (chalcopyrite and tetrahedrite); gold is primarily within the sulphides and quartz as microscopic free gold.

Historical references to exploration and exploitation of the various deposits in the area date back to the 13th century. Historical production of copper at Slovinky is well over 190 million pounds up to 1993 when commercial production ceased. Numerous shafts, adits and galleries are present within the Project and allow easy access for underground exploration and development. In spite of the polymetallic potential of the vein systems, neither gold nor silver were considered priorities in the recent past: little effort was put into evaluating the precious metal content of deposits or indeed the precious metal potential of the area (communist central planning prevailed: mining and milling was focused on copper only). During the 20th century, numerous (vein) structures have never been systematically evaluated for gold, and in some cases for silver, despite the fact that historical records show that various veins contained gold – Krížová, Gelnická, Gelnická Nadložná, Nová, Slovinská Hrubá (Hrubá) and “S” vein. Silver contents to 160g/t have been noted in selected vein samples. The Zlatá (Gold) vein, with a length in excess of 5 km and the Strieborná (Silver) vein in excess of 4 km have not been evaluated for gold or silver. Potential for the discovery and development of polymetallic (gold, silver and copper) mineralization along these structures is high. Recent exploration by Auropean has confirmed the presence of significant gold and silver credits within vein material yielding more than 1% copper (see Tables 1 and 2).

Underground exploration in the 1980s, which was supervised by Piovarcsy, senior exploration manager at the time, identified a highly mineralized extension of the Hrubá vein projecting over 2.3 km west of the Dorota shaft that has not been exploited. It has been identified by a 1.65km drift at the 350 metre level and further west by a number of drill holes. Samples of the vein analyzed up to 3.4g Au/t, 122g Ag/t and 3.34% Cu (Figure 6).

Reconnaissance stream sediment and rock sampling by a Canadian Company in the mid-90s, clearly showed high gold contents in stream sediments over prospective vein structures with vein materials from waste dumps analyzing up to 7.1g Au/t, 72 Ag/t and 2.2% Cu. A number of prospective areas for future exploration were identified to the southeast of Slovinky village. Piovarcsy also indicates that a number of these areas show good potential for polymetallic mineralization, including gold, and offer immediate drill targets.

During 2011 and 2012, Auropean launched a program to sample most dumps, adits and near-by outcrops at Slovinky for vein and wallrock material to investigate their gold, silver and copper contents. The results clearly show that portions of sampled veins are significantly enriched in gold and silver (see Tables 1 and 2 and Figures 7 through 10).


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